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River Bend Animal Clinic offers state of the art surgery facilities with the best trained staff to ensure the best results and well being of your pet.

Why should I have my pet's surgery done at River Bend Animal Clinic instead of at one of the cheap spay/neuter clinics?

Good question. On the surface, it seems that the same procedure is somewhat cheaper done at some of those clinics. But let's look deeper to understand the difference in what you are getting. It is definitely a situation of getting what you pay for in comparing our clinic's surgical care versus one of the "cheap" clinic's.
When we do surgery here, there are always 2 people with your pet. A surgical technician who has been trained in anesthesia as well as your doctor. The main risk with any surgery is the anesthesia, which is why we offer preanesthetic bloodworkand ECG"s on ALL of our cases to check the heart rhythm, and rate and detect abnormalities prior to anesthesia. ALL of our cases have anestheticmonitoring during the entire procedure, including temperature, blood oxygenation levels, pulse rates. Warming blankets are used to properly maintain your pet's temperature the whole time, so no hypothermia develops.Your pet is kept in the recovery area under constant supervision. And best of all, we give all of our
pets loving and compassionate care. We also offer post operative pain management.


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